Launched shop stainless steel supply nationwide not cheap

Stock oristarcorp units available on the market in 2000, is a manufacturer of stainless steel (stainless steel) top in Vietnam. Over the years the company not long ago we were building the user’s system nets nationwide. 2004 demand growth of the industry. Our company has factories on the market organization oristarcorp Hung Ltd. quiet initially produce industrial goods box tubing, 2008 the company continued to invest in installing machinery distribution chain inox items page multiethnic place with lines. now we are the largest supplier of corporations Vietnam stainless steel nực not least globally, including Italy, UK, Spain, India, Taiwan …

bringing together trade workforce experienced, enthusiastic and enthusiasm always hot blood, our unit has nurtured user systems nationwide and always want future growth plus half brings work error.
For nearly 20 years, the unit has a dedicated Joint oristarcorp thousands of property buyers tens of thousands, with different levels: Cement, Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding, Beer, Sugar, Dairy Products, Chemicals, Food food, water tank, Household Appliances export, Construction, Home Decor, Elevators, Engineering, manufacturing Engineering, Fertilizers, Health, Environment, water supply, Electricity, Cars, Motorcycles bicycle, refrigeration electrical Engineering, Fisheries, washing machines, …

business lines

trade in stainless steel (Inox)

supply pipe, stainless steel box (industrial and civil), Vegas angle …

Export-import of the stainless steel.

answers using stainless steel products.

Growth oriented

Our main criteria is low growth of domestic market share and establish distribution channels phoi.Cong the company always welcomes nationally to have us. We look forward to the collaborative parties together sustainability and growth.

We always try to shop actively explore product innovation and improve efficiency is always business to provide customers with products that meet the highest quality, most perfect service

Our success is based on the true strong, strategic vision and the user considered good looking.

Word first of all allow me on behalf of unit Stock oristarcorp you would like to send you words

good health and best wishes. We wish you a buyer is increasingly successful and popular.
During the operation more than a decade in the industry supply and supply of stainless steel in Vietnam market, we have created a success not only on the level of quality, but also customers nationwide appraisal high service distributor, manufacturer after-sales and cooperative relations always create sustainable cooperation partners for mutual benefit.

the success of buyers has demonstrated the continuous growth of our company confirms toi.No right move our just about over.

bring a rich supply of goods, are imported form diverse groups around the world celebrated, the products of our stainless steel is almost always meet the needs of customers in technology, quality and detailed Africa.We proud to be the manufacturer for the best that even the most fastidious you also accepted. We are committed and take responsibility before the users of its products.

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now our factory is invested with the advanced production line, the most modern in the world, with the guidance of foreign experts and the ranks of workers, skilled workers plus verification system most stringent quality to make products cheaper nhat.Luon perfect itself there is the principle of our units. Depth understanding of the standards and specifications, good chemistry, striving for labor and parts should always pay attention to the buyer’s success is our main target.

This website brings the offer, we look forward to producing for buyers You truthful information about the products, technology standards. about slow progress in bringing practical benefits for users. We would like to thank the continued support, and the valuable contribution of these notions You owns the user to the company during recent times.